The former team of the SSL provider RapidSSL, which has since been acquired by VeriSign, founded AlphaSSL – a specialised SSL provider with a focus on the provision and delivery of affordable SSL certificates.

We support the following AlphaSSL products in our system:

Product name

Wildcard available

Extended Validation

SAN Option


AlphaSSL DomainValidated

Domain-validated certificates from AlphaSSL are delivered in just a few minutes, as the ordering process is fully automated.

A standard SSL certificate is issued for a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (e.g. Accordingly, it can only be used to secure the exact domain for which it was issued. A wildcard SSL certificate is issued for *, which means that the SSL certificate can be used for an unlimited number of subdomains.

If the SAN option is available, SAN packages can be added to a certificate when ordering.