Mass transfers (bulk)

Domain management is a complex and time-consuming topic. Experience shows that the administrative effort increases dramatically if the domain portfolio is spread across several suppliers. Such fragmented portfolios have often grown historically. However, this results in enormous frictional losses over many years and a measurable amount of additional work. Different pricing models, missed special offers, different technical processes for orders, different administrative interfaces and repeated customer service enquiries to clarify certain issues make the work even more difficult. This leads to rising costs that are rarely directly visible.

The solution is to merge (consolidate) your domain portfolios. With the right tools and appropriate knowledge, such a domain migration can be realised without any problems – we will support you!

We create an overview of the top level domains (TLD) for you depending on their term extensions and workflows.

On request, we can carry out the mass transfers for you according to a fixed schedule.

We plan all work steps in advance and monitor their successful completion.

In recent years, we have already successfully carried out numerous domain migrations for our partners and customers – in the last two years alone, we have merged domain portfolios of around 60,000 domains!

Would you like to consolidate your domain portfolio? – Ask us, we will be happy to help you