Domain Management Console

For over 15 years, CPS-Datensysteme GmbH has successfully positioned itself on the domain management market. The experience gained from this has been incorporated into the development of the Domain Management Console (DMC-3) – the easy domain management!

As a white-label service, the DMC-3 is particularly suitable for connecting channel partners and resellers. The available programming interfaces (API), with which orders from external systems such as WHMCS® can be easily submitted to the DMC-3, are controlled via the user interface. Access rights are also assigned here via the user administration. The assignment of rights is very granular and allows the allocation and restriction to individual top level domains (TLD) and associated functions. This means that internal company department structures can be mapped, as well as the hierarchy of a reseller structure. Bulk orders can also be carried out, such as processing the registration of a domain stack – as a list or CSV import with different data. Responses and error messages are reported in the message centre and can be filtered by action, status and object. The extensive search and list functions allow you to keep track of your data at all times.

DMC-3 on-premise

With DMC-3 on-premise, you use a completely independent software that runs on your own server. This solution is 100% anonymous. Thanks to customised cron jobs and function hooks, you can freely design your workflows. The system can be graphically customised to your specifications via the CSS files.

DMC-3 cloud

The DMC-3 cloud variant is a plug & play solution for a quick start in domain reselling. The secure operation of the software is handled by syscape GmbH, which specialises in cloud solutions. By separating domains and management software, we take a back seat as domain registrar and focus on our core competence: secure domain management.

The DMC-3 on-premise can be downloaded from the licence portal of Netzentwickler GmbH. Here you will also find the installation manual and a user manual for your customers, as well as all the necessary patches for updating your installation. You will need your licence key to log in.

Don’t have a licence key yet? – Ask us, we will be happy to send you your personal licence key.

In addition to the DMC-3 on-premise and the DMC-3 cloud, we naturally also offer you a responsive web interface (GUI) for managing domains, DNS zones and SSL certificates. Our GUI serves as your administration centre for users and aliases, as well as all contract data.