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Data query from authorities

CPS-Datensysteme GmbH receives various legal requests demanding information or measures from us. When governmental authorities and private institutes request customer data, we require them to comply with the applicable laws and provisions. Our legal department will review every query and ensure that it is based on a legally admissible procedure. If this prerequisite is met, we will limit our answer to a minimum of information. If there is no legally admissible procedure underlying a query, or if we classify it as ambiguous, inappropriate or too widely phrased, we will challenge the query or reject it in full.

Your data query must contain the following information:

  • Your authority (designation, department, address and contact information)
  • File reference of your authority
  • Statements on the purpose of your query and further use of the data
  • Information on the specific accusation
  • Specific legal basis

We generally do not provide any information on requests submitted by phone, chat or email. Your query must be submitted to us in written form – urgent queries may be sent by telefax or as a PDF scan attached to an email. Please use only the email address