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Accredited partner

The CPS-Datensysteme „Accredited Partner“ seal embodies important quality characteristics of all CPS-Datensysteme GmbH partners who are allowed to advertise with this seal.

With each accreditation at a registry, technical and business obligations are imposed to a registrar, which the domain registrar needs to fullfil. As a domain registrar accredited by numerous registries worldwide and as a ICANN accredited registrar, we ensure that the working proceses of our services are rule-consistent.

Moreover the CPS-Datensysteme „Accredited Partner“ seal represents a flawless technical execution of all orders, data transfer with maximum care and fully automated processing.

The data collected are only processed and used by CPS Datensysteme GmbH in accordance with the German data protection standard. Our accredited partners comply with all relevant contract terms, including assessed creditworthiness. Because of this, we are able to contribute to reliable and future-oriented services for the entire partner network and all associated customers.