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DNS NODE+ Anycast

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the basis of all services on the Internet. If DNS become the target of a DDoS attack, all domains resolved by these DNS are directly affected.

The solution: Our Anycast DNS

Our two anycast name servers are geographically distributed as instances (replications) at around 25 locations worldwide. If the location of a DNS fails or the response times increase excessively due to an attack, the queries are automatically routed to the geographically closest location of the respective DNS. Due to the short distances to nearby locations, latencies are reduced, response times are shortened and the total server load is distributed across the entire Anycast network. Benefit from our services for maximum availability of your domains.

Anycast locations

Amsterdam | Athens | Atlanta | Chicago | Dallas | Dubai | Dublin | Frankfurt | Geneva | Hong Kong | Johannesburg | Ljubljana | London | Los Angeles | Madrid | Melbourne | Miami | Moscow | Mumbai | New York | Paris | Reston | Reykjavik | Rhine Valley | Salzburg | San Jose | Sao Paulo | Seattle | Seoul | Singapore | Stockholm | Sydney | Tampere | Tokyo | Toronto | Warsaw | Vienna | Zurich

The Anycast DNS is an extension of the DNS NODE+ service and can be used in combination as an add-on. The zone administration of the name servers is carried out quickly and easily via our administration interface or via XML API.

The security of your data is our major concern. Therefore we put great emphasis on the operation and security of our systems. Read more about this under operational safety.