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Bulk Transfers

Domain management is a complex and elaborate matter. Experience shows that the administrative effort increases dramatically when the domain portfolio is distributed among several suppliers. Such fragmented inventories have often grown historically. However, they cause immense friction losses and measurable additional expenditure over many years. Various pricing models, missed advantage campaigns, different technical order processes, different administrative interfaces as well as repeated customer service requests for clarification of particular issues make the work even more difficult. All of this causes increased costs that are rarely directly visible.

The solution is merging (consolidating) your domain inventories. The right tools and corresponding knowledge make such a domain migration easy to implement. We will support you in it!

We will create an overview of the Top-Level Domains (TLD) for you based on their term extensions and workflows.

Upon request, we can perform the bulk transfers for you based on a set schedule.

All work steps are planned by us in advance and their successful execution is monitored.

In the last few years, we have successfully carried out numerous domain migrations for our partners and customers - in the last two years alone, we have merged domain portfolios of around 60,000 domains!

Would you like to consolidate your domain portfolio? - Contact us. We will gladly help you.