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The private DomainCloud offers an automated domain administration as well as a completely dedicated system environment. Such a solution is particularly suitable for registrars and internet service providers that interlink local systems with the DomainCloud even more closely or want to install additional safety features. Possible applications are:

  • Use of client certificates (from a dedicated PKI)
  • Connection to an active-directory or LDAP-directory
  • Use of insertion methods (hooks) for calling remote systems (freely programmable feedback to remote services, such as DNS or order systems)
  • Direct database or FTP access for reconciliation of the data inventories and updating of the source code for your hooks

Expansion of and change to the menu structure, e.g. own additional functions, such as ordering or controlling virtual servers and other services

Free-of-charge use of several memberships or accreditations with a registration office

Adjustment of the API for downwards compatibility with legacy systems (old systems)

Installation of additional safety features or alternative registration methods, such as client certificates, active directory/LDAP or chip card

You want a demo access or are looking for further information? – You can find them at: www.domainscape.de

Would you like us to make you an offer? – Please follow the link to the offer request

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