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An SSL-certificate (Secure Socket Layer) confirms the following to the visitors of a website, no matter the chosen product:

DomainValidated (DV) OrganizationValidated (OV) ExtendedValidated (EV)
The validity of a domain. This validation happens with an automated procedure. The validity of the certificate holder. This is reviewed by commercial register excerpt and contact (e.g. phone call). The validity of the certificate holder (produces a green address bar in the browser); This is reviewed by commercial register excerpt and further active research of the certification agency (CA).

CPS-Datensysteme GmbH
is an official GlobalSign PLATINUM Partner.

The certificates delivered by us all support 256 bit connections and are applied with a SHA-256 signature. Thanks to cooperation with GlobalSign, a globally leading certification agency (CA), the recognition rate of the SSL certificates delivered by us is above 99 % in all browsers available on the market. Delivery of the DomainValidated certificates takes place fully automatically within 10 minutes.

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