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Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)

As far as supported by the registries themselves, a registration of IDNs is also possible through the registrar system. CPS-Datensysteme has offered IDNs since its introduction by Verisign Inc., the appropriate registry operator for the TLDs .com, .net and .org. A later stipulation of a binding standard (Punycode) by the ICANN helped the general acceptance of IDNs. The DENIC eG is also associated with the circulation of IDNs and since March 1, 2004 enables the registration of so-called "umlaut domains".

Since emoticons, the little mood symbols, have become part of our communication, there has been the question if they could also be used as or in domain names - they can. Punycode is used to convert emoticons ("Emoji") as well. Therefore, emoji domains can be registered the same way as IDN domains.




















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