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For over 15 years, CPS-Datensysteme GmbH has successfully positioned itself in the market of domain management. The experiences gained have been merged with the development of the Domain Management Console 3 (DMC-3). From cooperation with the software company Netzentwickler GmbH, software that is better than ever for easy and efficient management of domain inventories and resellers has emerged.

With DMC-3, CPS-Datensysteme offers its customers fully independent software that leaves nothing to be desired and that can also be used free of charge. Since DMC-3 is running on the customer’s server, this solution is 100% anonymous. Cron jobs can be set up individually to speed up processing and enable verification of jobs before they are sent to the CPS-Datensysteme registration system. The DMC-3 also offers an invoicing module, including condition and limit management, in connection with its authorisation system for setting up and administering any number of resellers and sub-resellers.

Looking for a demo account or further information? - These can be found at: www.dmc-3.de

On request, we will assume operation of the software for you on a dedicated host system. Ask about this.
  • 100% anonymity of your resellers
  • Administration of resellers and sub-resellers (including rights system)
  • WHMCS® registrar plugin available
  • HostBill® registrar plugin available
  • Your resellers can register and administrate domains
  • Your resellers can order and administrate DNS-zones
  • Real-time order processing
  • Cache for orders (including breakup and post processing)
  • Timing of orders
  • Template management
  • Complete handle administration (including amendment and cancellation)
  • Accounting module including condition, limit and deposit management
  • API for your resellers (including email robot)
  • Data exports and imports (e. g. CSV)
  • Freely definable email formats
  • Bulk orders
  • Newsletter mailing
  • Design can be changed individually
  • Optimal adjustment to the domain- / DNS-system of CPS-Datensysteme®
  • Automatic licence management
  • DNS module for plugging in custom DNS
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